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Collecting gently used soccer gear and uniforms.

Suit-Up needs your used soccer uniforms and gear to help less fortunate kids be able to participate in the sport of soccer.

Suit-Up is a non-profit organization run by Fold-A-Goal located in Los Angeles.

Your donation of uniforms, cleats, shin guards, bags, field equipment and anything soccer related is needed. Fold-A-Goal will then distribute the donations that have been collected to less fortunate kids who are in need of soccer gear in order to play.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Please contact Nancy for a donation pick up: or (714) 747-0424.

Donation Drop Sites:

  • P.K. Soccer Shop: 1525 E. Ontario Ave., Suite 106, Corona
  • Awards & Specialties 11750 Sterling Ave., Ste. A, Riverside
  • Santana Park - please label your donation bag as 'Suit-Up' Program and include my cell phone number (714) 747-0424
  • Call for a donation pick up (714) 747-0424
  • We are happy to arrange for pick ups from your league as well

Admission Fees:
(714) 747-0424


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