ShelterBox Fundraiser for Senai, Japan

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ShelterBoxes for Sendai fundraiser

Sendai, the Japanese city closest to the epicenter of the recent 9.0 earthquake that was ravaged by tsunami, has been a sister city of Riverside, CA for more than 50 years. Tens of thousands in Sendai and what is now estimated at more than 300,000 in the surrounding area have been left homeless - lacking even the basic necessities to get on with their lives.

Jurupa Citizen Corps is partnering with a growing number of groups and organizations in raising funds from what was originally the communities of Eastvale and Jurupa Valley but has now been expanded to include the entire Inland Empire to provide ShelterBox disaster relief supplies to the Japanese quake and tsunami victims.*

Please join us in this effort. Add your organization or group or even yourself as a partner in our Team Inland Empire fund raising or donate and help us reach our goal to send at least 15 ShelterBoxes (at roughly $950.00 each - which includes transportation and set up assistance) to the victims of this disaster. Any amount you can spare will help make a a big difference to some displaced family.

Please visit our website to learn more about ShelterBoxes or become a fundraising partner, donate or establish your own fundraising goal.

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